Special Interest

Special Interest


There is incredible prospect of adventure tourist places in India, due to diverse topography, season and climate. On land and water, under water and in the air, tourist can pick out from various option of adventure in our country. India is the land with a wide immense range of adventure sports, activities and holidays, during summer, winter and autumn season. Camel safari deep into desert, Jeep safari, bird watching, wild camp, wildlife safari and Jungle trail on Rajasthan region and North India, hot air ballooning in Himachal region, water sport in Goa, wildlife and backwater adventure in South India. These are just some of wonderful options for adventure seekers in various parts with options of different season in each sector.


The land of tigers , elegant peacock & the terrifying rhinoceroses, Indian wildlife parks & sanctuaries are scattered all over endowed with rich flora , fauna & untamed wild animals. It os this richness that draws the attention of thousands of thousands of nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts from all over the world.


India has been a land of Maha Rishis and yogis for centuries. It is here where the sciences of yoga and Ayurveda have been used as an alternative form of medicine. These sciences consist of great healing therapies that could be used to cure a problem of just for relaxation purpose. Today yoga and Ayurveda have been accepted by people all over the world and many people seek to come to India for a holistic experience.

Take a Spa vacation to rejuvenate and make yourself to feel good as new! Today, India has many great Spa resorts that are of world class standards. You can choose any of the top luxurious Spa vacations in India or go in for the various meditation and Yoga tours. You can also get rejuvenated by taking up one of the ancient form of massages. Ayurveda has many massages that can help heal your body.

India offers many kind of rejuvenation holiday. You could choose a luxurious Spa vacation in one of the top notch hotels, or you could opt for a holistic center in the Himalaya. You could also opt to do some very traditional massages down south or you could go for a meditation tour with one of Ashram or group that organizes them. Whatever you choose you are sure to feel revitalized and good at the end of the day.